MTL Forex LIVE Trading Environment

Experience the many benefits of our live trading room and support services!

After completing the education, you can gain access to our live trading room on a monthly subsciption.

Since you are already equipped with Charting Today’s technical system, the live trading session would be beneficial for you to test your newly found charting knowledge in a live market.


  • Biggest advantage of subscribing to tradingroom is that you will be able to communicate and ask questions to a mentor (and that too in a live market).
  • Our chief analyst would analyze trading opportunities in a live session, and be in the room for a minimum of 4 hours daily.
  • He would cover 8-10 pairs daily.
  • Traders can also share and discuss trade set ups.
  • It also improves your perspective, discipline and understanding of the market as traders are much more disciplined when trading as a group or under supervision.
  • Our traderoom is mostly open for fellow traders to chat and share ideas even during the times when a moderator is not present.
    Trading depends on traders’ psychology. Traders are much more vulnerable to mental and emotional stress when they trade alone. Trading with a group gives you more confidence.
  • There is no hidden agenda on our part. We don’t sell you expensive software or ebooks.